Seeing Life Through Clear Mind

Being Able to Make Clear Decisions

And Act on Them is

Something You Can Learn

I know it. I did it. I am still helping others do ti, through clinical psychotherapeutic work and thourugly thought through courses and group programs.

Here is a story for you:

Young talented smart woman tries to do something meaningful with her life. She goes to college. She fights for social rights. She studies hard. Gets a job and then sooner or later faces a question:

Is that all there is?

Is that what I’m going to do with the rest of my life?

I did try some projects. Tried to move. You know the regular stuff: learn a language, get a workout program done, start a new hobby (Sci-fi fiction short stories by the way. I got awarded- ¬†thank you very much ūüôā ).

But at one point or another things get though because you hit the wall of your comfort zone.

That is the moment when all your old thinking patterns and defence mechanism yeal HOLD ON! GET BACK IN HERE. Yup, right there were you started.

And all you end up with is the feeling of disapointment and surrender into viscious repetitive patterns of your boring reality.

That was my story, but is similar to many of my clients’s stories.

Maybe you know it to.

Let me introduce myself first

I’m Nika Nikolic, licensed EAP (European Associaation for Psychoanalysis) psychoterapist, with years of offlice practice and numerous courses, workshops and seminars done with people who felt stuck in life and unable to move forward.

I ended up doing psychotherapeutic work because I was genuenly intringued with human experience.

In high school I read Dostojevski’s War and Crime and I was sold for a lifetime on extrordinarity of peopls minds.

So I studied socitey first and did my MA in Political Sciences. Than finnished psychotherapeutic education with specialization on bodily oriented psychotherapy. Got familiar with mindfulness practices and some basic neuroscience framework. Afterwards I did additional specialization in psychoanalysis and include philosophy in my studies. I ended up doing a Ph.D research on how people learn, adopt and change thinking patterns.

Whoa! What’s with all the specializations, you say?

Well you see I’m a sceptic and an overthinker. Which means my mind is always in fifth gear, swarming with questions, testing different angles and wandering about the proper aproach to things. So I felt a strong rive to keep searching aditional knowledge, more detailed answers on the topic that interested me most:

How do peoples mind work.

And especially:

How can you impact it to function in your favour?

You know, so instead of the anxious mess, that was my ever searching for answers mind, I could actually make it work in my favour.

And I did find a way. But not only through years of theoretical learning and research.

One of the crucial moments was the work I did on myself with the help of my psychotherapists and trainers. That was the single important part of the puzzle.

It took me a minute (years!) to do the work and to try out a bunch of methods to finnaly find what fits. I did psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mindfulness meditation, I even tried energetic body work and other possiblly ify techniques just to check them out.

And I’ve learned a lot.

But at the same time things were also extremely confusing.

Every new technique, school of thought and method got me just a tiny bit more confused (some more than others).

There are SO many information about mind and psychology roaming around that made me anxious. A lot of them are  actually oposing each other.

I mean what is a girl supposed to do here?

 What is right? Which method is better?

Am I hurting myself if I’m trying this instead of that?

What the heck?

Here is the part where I tell you what REALLY WORKS.


Not really. I believe sometimes people get better if you show them your left pinky at the right moment.

But that is a thing of coincidence, and as such is not really reliable. Meaning, you can’t do much about it.

You should focus on what you CAN do.

That is to find a good ORGANIZING system for all the information we get.

That is how KNOWLEDGE is structured. With a bunch of information. In digital age we are soaking up new data like a dry sponge, but if it’s left unorganized it leaves you with a chess pain and a shortage of breath real quickly.




Yes choices. With a mind so full as it is with an average overthinker, choices are a toughy. But with organizied thouthg and arranged thinking patterns you achieve clarity that eases your decision making process.

Let’s stop for a second and imagine what possibilities would that open for you.

You might leave that 9-5 you are not enjoying. Because you would finally act on building your dream busines. If you’re not carefull you might even end up with better financial situation and more time to nurture important relationships.

Or you might make a commitment you were dreading about. Or stop self sabotaging with getting involved with people who are emotionally unavailable. Careful! This path seriously leads to being fulfiled and happy.

Can you imagine what would happen if you would be able to stop procrastinating and finnish the college. Or the project you were dreading for the last months (years?). How much more time you would have to enjoy some lesiure activities such as sport (is that on your forgotten TO-DO list to?).