Level Up Those Boundaries

with Nika Nikolic

You were born to inspire people to live their best lives and help the world change for the better. You were destined to be so much more than to become the average platitude repeater (YAWN!) or the predictable preacher.

Maybe you’re still burning out a little on those 1:1 calls, wandering if those happy coaching crushes are living the bliss and if they ever struggled with boundaries or feeling overhelmed by all the demands of their clients. And maybe you are daydreaming of the moment when things will get easier with your work over timeand how free you’ll feel when you can handle multiple clients with ease, withut over identifing or being burdened by their stories.

Do you see yourself comfortably positined in that armchair with a really fine glass of wine, calmly chatting with your loved ones about anything other than your job. You are not checking your phone for the milionth time that day and wondering whether you should post another IG story this week. You are literaly able to sit back and relax and enjoy the fruit f your outsanding job. That’s why you went in that buisiness in the first place right?

Or maybe you’ve been struggling to get to the next level of your expertise but the techniques you know don’t cut it and you’re gtting frustrated and even caught yourself eying that 9-5 again? Where is that easy breasy going through life attitude?! This isn’t what you signed up for.

You don’t just want to get by in your coaching business

  • You want to excell
  • You want a biz that feels like a treat, but still lets you know you did an exceptional job.
  • You want a clear life-work balance. And you want someone to show you how to get it
  • You want to level up your service with deeper transformation for your clients without winding up in burnout city

You want to become …


… is a 8-week group coaching program for coaches and coaches-in-the-making who are ready to go all in and offer high level services to their clients.

It’s your level up ticket to healthier buisiness and enjoying the lifestayle it brings without guilt for not offering the best you can  to your clients.

The one fatal mistake most people make about their boundaries is that they try to convince others to respect them. This is an ask that has to be repeated and will not always be met. Especially if people knowingly or unknowingly try to breach them.

The true power come from knowing exactly where you stand on the issues regarding that person, that decision, that question… And for that your ground needs to be rocksolid.


Take a deep breath and imagine:

  • Logging out of Zoom and relaxing on your couch with a clear break from work and complete focus on your leisure time.
  • Being as loving and friendly to your loved ones as ever, because you don’t overidentify with your clients and are from “bringing the work home”.
  • Offering exceptional valuable coaching to your clients. Since you have better boundaries and become way more flexible in your loving area and feeling personaly much safer.
  • Not eagirly searching for relaxation techniques out of necesity, but enjoy them as a luxury and something that ads value, instead of as something that keeps you barely alive.
  • Becoming known for the indepth inside you are able to provide, make it easier to allow yourself and your clients to become more genuine and open to new oportunities.
  • Finaly feel as confident as ever and overcome that impostor syndrome.



When you join THE LEVEL UP THOSE BOUNDARIES, we’ll stuck you up with more than 6.000€ worth of the training, coaching and community you need to get those flexible boundaries working

Individual calls with Nika

4 individual coaching calls with Nika (Value $2800)

Your specific traits and questions need to be answered individually. That’s why we host twice monthly 30-minute individual coaching calls to give you the space to voice your questions, the opportunity to experience mega-sized breakthroughs and the push to make consistent progress as you shine your light through the comfort of self assurance. CALLS ARE NOW IN SESSION! SIGN UP NOW!

Private coaching calls

When you join The LEVEL UP THOSE BOUNDARIES, you’ll receive all the fun of the live group support PLUS a once-a-month customized private coaching call to dive even deeper. Who says you can’t have it all?

Lifetime access

Lifetime Access To The Massive Training Vault (Value 900€)

Drip fed trainings are for slow pokes with too much time on their hands! You’re ready to go, and you don’t need to be held back by a little thing like waiting for the next module to be released. That’s why when you join The LEVEL UP THOSE Boundaries, you’ll get instant access to top notch psychology made easy trainings to level up your focus game, delivery value and staying on top of motivational game.

Exclusive community

The Exclusive Community (Priceless)

The community is the cure intself. The support of highly motivated like minded fellow coaches, who are eager to spread the wellbeing, you'll get caught in a magical circle of giving and recieving love, support and shared experience.

You’ll also get these 2 bonuses, just because you’re awesome:

Let Me Into The Level Up Those Boundaries


once-off payment of 2500€

  • 4 individual coaching calls with Nika  
  • Lifetime Access To The Training Vault
  • 8 weekly group calls
  • The Exclusive  Community
  • BONUS: 8 weeks  inside The Change your Mind program


Deposit of 2500€, 2 monthly payments of 1437€

  • 4 individual coaching calls with Nika  
  • Lifetime Access To The Training Vault
  • 8 weekly group calls
  • The Exclusive  Community
  • BONUS: 8 weeks  inside The Change your Mind program


- Work with other people and want to rise their services to the next level! That means loving the job, thriving and growing with it.. It’s all on the table when your boundaries are flexible and you know where you stand as a person.

- Know that working with clients and still loving their job can get tricky sometimes. It takes an extrordinary focus and self awarnes to keep your own processes separated from theirs and not get overwhelmed (or overwhelm your clients). And that is really hard to achieve without an expert help.

- Are ready to go from feeling overwhelmed and not finding that sweet spot for life-work balance to working with ease and provide exceptional value to their clients.


- You love spending every second of the checking your phone, eying it even when your closed ones are talking to you. The "carrer over personal" is the only path for you, and you’re happy with that.

- Your perfect daily activity is going through your mind on what was going on in the last coaching call and not relacing in a hottub. Who cares if you can't wait for the vacation to start to let the external excuse relese you from your duties? Who needs emotional stability anyway?

- Drama control and enjoying your own creativy sounds like a snoozefest. Who wants to feel the emotional capacity to actually expand their buisiness, right!

- You don’t believe you can be drama free and bow to others demands. Sure, there are plenty of people out there who do it, but they’re probably all robots or zen masters! You’re cool just judging them instead of hopping in and joining in.  

Now, pause for a moment

If in this moment you feel uncomfortable with working with some clients, either because of impostor syndrome or being overwhelmed by their emotions and amount of your work, then, it’s time to make a change — starting with getting your tush inside a program that can actually help you step into a new level of (well)being.

The you who you’ve been up until this point? She has a decision to make.

Stay exactly as she is and settle for what she’s got going for her right now (even if less than what she hoped)… and risk of eventually giving up on your dreams because “it’s too hard” and return to that 9-5 (ugh… can you imagine crawling back there, starting all over again?)

OR …

Choose to take the next step forward.

When I felt overwhelmed and start to wander if it’s worth it and if, I’m actually helping my clients, I was flirting with quiting. I chose to push on my blocks and find a way.

When I decided to invest in experts and programs and could help me with my shortcomings I didn’t knew if I’m just throwing that money out the window. I chose to leap anyway.

When I learn and seek usefull knowledge and pivot my ass off I didn’t know if I’ll get anywhere. And as sure as hell didn’t know I’ll become a boundaries ninja.

(Ask anyone who knows me. When I say no is no, and when I say yes is yes. But that doesn’t make me a robot. It frees all the more space for love and ppreciation of good things in life. And over the years I’ve found a way to teach others how to do that as well.)

You might not know how THE LEVEL UP THOSE Boundaries will transform your life and business quite yet.

That’s OK.

Choose to take the next step anyway.

 8 weeks from now, you’ll be so glad you did.

Let Me Into The Level Up Those Boundaries


once-off payment of 2500€

  • 4 individual coaching calls with Nika  
  • Lifetime Access To The Training Vault
  • 8 weekly group calls
  • The Exclusive  Community
  • BONUS: 8 weeks  inside The Change your Mind program


Deposit of 2500€, 2 monthly payments of 1437€

  • 4 individual coaching calls with Nika  
  • Lifetime Access To The Training Vault
  • 8 weekly group calls
  • The Exclusive  Community
  • BONUS: 8 weeks  inside The Change your Mind program

We read your mind and saw that you have a question. Is it one of these?

That depends. Do you want a great life-work balance, get rid of the guil and impostor syndrome and confidently charge your worth?

We start on April the 20th and it will take us 8 weeks of great work to finnish.

You could. But if you need someone to hold you accountable, lovingly nodge you through your blocks with ease and much quicker as you could do it alone. Enjoy the supportive community and thrive on expert techniques you can later on aply with your own work… This is the place to be.

No. Sorry. You know the drill with coaching programs.

Enroll, pick up that wine glass, sit back and let us start.

Still Have Questions?

Hop on a quick call with me, and let’s get them answered once and for all

The quick bio of Nika Nikolic

Nika Nikolic is a licensed (EAP- European Asociation for Psychoanalysis) psychotherapist, who has been working with clients for years and is doing a Ph.D research on thought patterns.

She​ ​helps​ ​coaches and people who love themselves enough to invest in themselves to develop their potentials, achieve clarity, decisivnes and reach their dreams.

Besides doing individual and group psychotherapies Nika also dived into philosphy, neuroscience, mindfulnes and psychoanalysis all to develop the best up to date programs for current needs.