Impostor syndrome is a vicious creature. You’ve likely known it for a long time. It goes hand in hand with depression, anxiety, weak self-esteem, and such.

It sneaks on you when you think you are faking something and judging it at the same time.

This article will try to address it, follow it to its origins, and… well, it won’t tell you what the quick tricks to get read of it are. You’ve been around the internet for too long not to know that those promising rapid changes… well probably have a different definition of a change than you do.

So, you feel like an impostor when you are fresh in the role and can only imagine what that means. You don’t know it yet because you are new. You have no idea what you are doing and are just trying to please some others or again your false expectations about your role in something that the distance between what feels right and the expectations become too big.

There’s your problem. You get caught in expectations, and then things start to feel like you are faking it because you are faking it. You become a bad actor in poorly written play. You don’t know why exactly you are doing what you are doing. There is this feeble feeling remembering you. It is something that is supposed to be right or useful or something like that. Possibly because someone told you or you’ve heard or read it somewhere. It’s a vague distance memory of not being sure.

Think it through

Here is the semi solution. Think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Even if you don’t like the reason, it is better to know it.

Also, remember there are far fewer situations where you don’t have a choice than you think. Be fair to yourself and recognize when you are just making excuses and when things really can’t do any other way.

And when the choice is so bad, you don’t want to take it. Then think of that. It is still a choice in your hands.

Or you don’t have to like or want everything you are doing. Some things just must be done, and doing them may not be pleasant, but it is what it is.


Doubting your role or actions can make you feel like an impostor. But here is good news. Doubt means you are thinking. You weigh all the options you can consider and are not sure about your actions.

Well, that means you are realistic. You cannot possibly know what will happen and if in hindsight your actions will turn out to be the right decision

But caving to doubt means you will not do anything. Which is sometimes fine but mostly it will just make you stagnate and ultimately become a plant. So what you can do is own up your actions and decisions and take full responsibility for them.